The Eynes Anthology Joins SpoilerVerse Comics!

In 2017 J Horsley III had an idea for a horror comic about a family that would be told in shorts over time. A thousand years of time to be exact. He started with creating a family tree, using his own as a diagram. Initially the idea was to bring in writers to help flesh out this world, and he would draw everything, That pipe dream did not last. 

After bringing on artist for each stories he teamed up with Casey T. Allen to keep everything in order. Writers submitted stories, J paired the stories to artist that would fit. 

Bring in talents such as writers Greg Smith (Jr. Braves, Starlite), Travis Webb (Starlite), Michael Tanner (Jr. Braves), Casey T. Allen (Bigfoot Knows Karate), Kenric Regan (Supernatural Baby Detective) and TS Black.

Incredible artists like Rick Bugbee (Devil Christ), Rob Toal (Comic Jam), Sebastian Varela Baino (Unchained Stories), Greg Woronchak (Belial), Clayton Hollifield (San Gwynn), Scott Godlewski (Batwoman, Copperhead, Superman), Dennis Tirona (Kaos Fist), and J. Paul Schiek (Hush Ronin, Hallowed North). 

To bring this all to life he brought in colorists Denis Caron (L.A.W.L.S), JW Simms (Broke Down and Four Dead Bodies), and DC Alanso (Star Trek, Batman), and letterist Nikki Powers (Oneshi Press).

In February of 2019 The Eynes Anthology hit Kickstarter and blew away all of J’s expectations. It was funded, hit stretch goals, and got great reviews. 

We are proud to have The Eynes Anthology part of the SpoilerVerse Comics family, where you can purchase the first book and future books will release. 

About The Eynes Anthology

Monsters are everywhere…They always have been. They lurk, hidden in every shadow, behind every dark thought. They are probably in your closet, possessing your friends, and they’re almost certainly creeping behind you now. They are most often undetectable. And when they’re not, it’s too late.

Throughout time, these monsters have feasted on society – both physically and metaphysically. The chaos they bring fuels a great dark spirit that seeks to end the world with pain and torment. The Eynes are our only hope…The Eynes family line has been cursed since before recorded history to detect the presence of these monsters. It is their bound duty to stop these creatures from destroying humanity through any means necessary, be it by sword, spell… or other.

Though the Eynes can feel when the creatures are in close proximity, the monsters themselves are also drawn toward the family. But not everything is as it seems…And although the war between the monsters and the Eynes has waged for centuries, The black-and-white battle lines have grayed over the years. not all monsters may be considered evil and not all Eynes are as righteous as one would think.

These are the tales of the Eynes Family.

Buy Book One

Bold Solutions

Some Days Page 1 (Art by Rick Bigbee)

The Crossed Paths Page 1 (Art by Sebastian Varela Baino

Nancy Eynes: Krampus Hunter Page 1 (Art by Scott Godlewski, Colors by J Horsley III)

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