Did you pre-order the Humor Comic Jonly Nonly #1? NO? What’s wrong with you! It’s out today so you better hop your little booty over to that link below and order that darn thing!

The first issue in the Jonly Nonly series! Create by Kaylie Horsley and J Horsley III.  A series based on a bad dad joke mixed with a set of objectively bad sketches by Kaylie that J took and turned into a vector image of the initial characters Jonly Nonly (based on J) and Jeffers (based on J’s BFF from kindergarten Jeff). Then took those images to make hundreds of web-comics, and now in into an epic run of a comic series. 

Learn about our main cast, Jonly Nonly, Calvereena, and Jeffers! Meet some recurring background characters with Pot and Kettle (from Inanimate), Blinky, and Awesome-Stance (from Sergeant Blinky and his Brigade of Fantastic! Originally a web-comic from 2008, this has been reformatted into a comic book and completely updated!

Featuring guest appearances from InanimateSergeant Blinky and his Brigade of Fantastic!

Check out the preview of the comic below then head on over to our store and pick up the digital edition of the comic book. But a few copies and send them to your friends, your mom, your step-dads sisters mother in law. It’s fun for the whole family. 

Jonly Nonly #1 – Something Something First Book Preview

“That being said, the first time I read it, I just didn’t get it. Once you read it you’ll think that I am an idiot for saying that. You are half right. I am an idiot. Way before I read this.” – Jay Roach
“I read this and it changed my life. Ok, not really. It’s an insane ADHD nightmare of a comic that doesn’t know how to complete a story.” – Katie Lindor
“It’s a fun read. You learn a new word, you laugh at some 20-year-old jokes, and you think about some friends you might not have thought about in a bit.” – Jay Roach (Again)

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